About Israel

Welcome to Israel

Israel, home of the Jewish people, in the distant past and the present. For many, this land symbolizes a dream come true, and living proof, that hard and relentless work, the lost can find home, and a desert can be made into a prosporous oasis. With history going back to the times of the bible, it stands at the center of many of the most important events in human history, and is considered holy to many religions, in one way or another.

But far from being stuck in the past, Israel is also one of the most advanced nations in the area, and a leading force for change in the world. It boasts a thriving job market, a strong economy, a lively cultural and recreational scene, and much much more.

The Dry Details

Capital City: Jerusalem

Population: Approximately 8.5 milion

Territory: 20,770 sqr. kilometers

Founded: 1948


Israel is located in Southwest region of Asia, between the Mediterranean sea and the deserts of Syria and Arabia. Its natural borders are the mountains of Lebanon to the North, the Jordan Valley to the East, Eilat Bay marking the country’s southern border, and the Mediterranean sea to the West, with. Despite its small dimentions, Israel can be charaterized by a very varied landscape.

In terms of georgraphy, Israel can be divided into three main regions: the coastal region, the mountain region, and the Jordan Valley Rift.


In terms of weather, Israel is considered as belonging to a subtropical region, with two nmain seasons: a long hot, dry summer period,  and a shorter cold, moderately rainy winter period. Its unique location means that tourists can, almost simultaniously enjoy a visit to the sea, down in the South, but also go skiing up north within the same day.

Bird Watching

Israel’s location makes it a perfect heaven for anyone intersted in bird watching. During the different seasons, countless kinds of birds go through the land, providing a unique appeotuny to watch diifferent times of birds, either on tneir way to Africa, or returning from their long travels to spend their winter in the rather convenient weather in the aread.