Dead Sea Tour

Dead Sea Tour

One day trip to the Dead Sea area

Let’s travel to the Dead Sea area, where we will visit St. George monastery, Qumran, EinGedi,Masada and even take a swim in the dead sea.

Dead Sea

Activity Level: Easy

Duration: 9 Hours

Pickup: Any hotel

Return: Any hotel

St. George Monastery

On the way to the Dead sea, we will make a stop in the Judaean Desert to enjoy a wonderful scenery at St. George Monastery. This monastery has been active since the 5th century and is still maintaining the monastic life from the byzantine period, making it a truly unique experience, and a popular destination for many dead sea tours .


The next stop will be at Qumran, where the Dead sea scrolls were found in 1947 by a young Beduin shepherd. This is also where the oldest bible in the world was found. It is a fascinating story, over whose secrets Jewish and Christian scientists are still trying to unravel.


Half an hour later, you will find yourselves walking in the lovely oasis of EinGedi, a beautiful national park in the middle of the desert. You have high chances of seeing some indigenous animals like mountain goats, Rock hyraxes or rock badgers and plenty of curious insects and birds. This is a gorgeous place with waterfalls and a long history, dating back to the King  David.


Masada (literally “fortress”, in Hebrew) is the highlight of the Dead Sea Tour a mountain 400m high, with breathtaking view from the top. To get there you can climb 700 stairs or use the cable car. This impressive site is strongly connected with our history, related to the war between Jewish rebels and the Roman Empire, dating around 73 to 74 CE. At the top of Masada you will get to see hear the story of the Roman siege on the fortress, as it was recorded by Josephus Flavius. Being at the very place in which the tragic story took place makes for a very intense and evocative experience.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea (also called the Sea of salt) is trully one of the wonders of the world. It lies 1,407 ft below sea level, making it the lowest point in the world on land. Its level of salinity is almost 10 times more salty than the sea which probably explains why it is called the Dead Sea. However, it is precisely the combination of its low altitude and level of salinity which makes it perfect for treating a palanthora of medical conditions, and people from all over world travel there to enjoy its therapeuticvirtues. You will get a chance to swim in the dead sea, and enjoy a time of pleasure and relaxation, after which you will feel 20 years younger.