Things To Know Before You Hire an Israeli Tour Guide

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10 Nov Things To Know Before You Hire an Israeli Tour Guide

Israel’s incredible history, its museums and significant religious and historical sites, attract millions of tourists every year. Visiting all of these places can be difficult, especially if you have never been to Israel and don’t know much about it. Probably the best thing to do in this case is to rent an Israeli tour guide, who can arrange everything for you and help you make the most of your visit. Having trouble deciding if you want to join a group for guided tours or hire your own tour guide? Here are some guidelines that may help you make the decision.


Know everything about the guide: don’t hesitate to ask whether a potential tour guide has been trained by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism? Certified tour guide will have no problem providing you with the proper document and ease your mind. If they aren’t licensed or are not licensed by the Israeli authorities, this should sound the alarm in your mind.


What would you like to see, and how: First, it is obviously cheaper to hire a group guided tour. However, that lower price comes with its own price. If you travel with a group you will more than likely not see everything you wanted to see. A tour guide with a group simply cannot give every traveler what he or she wants. Also, there is no choosing who you team up with. Even some of the people you think you know, can behave very differently during a trip. In every group, there’s bound to be that spoilsport, who occasionally ruins the trip. Since group tours try to provide everyone with something, they tend to give a little bit of everything and run on a very tight schedule. If you prefer not to follow a schedule during your vacation, you might want to at least consider hiring a private guide, who will plan your trip especially for you. With a private guide you get to visit your preferred sites and stay in each of them for as much as you want.


Find the right tour guide for you: the very best tour guides have a distinct style of their own, which sets them apart from the rest. Some are known for their seriousness, others for their humor and quirkiness; others still are adventurous and tend to like guiding travelers with a taste for the extreme. If you want the right Israel tour guide for you, make sure that you have good chemistry and see things eye to eye. If the tour guide doesn’t feel right, don’t hire him, otherwise, both of you might become needlessly frustrated.


Find answers to some of the most important questions: what does the payment consist of? What kind of transportation is provided? What about accommodation, food and tickets for the diverse attractions. Can the guide meet you at the airport and help you get settled? How much is the payment? When is the payment due? What happens if you need to cancel the trip? Can you get a reimbursement? If so, what are the terms for receiving it?


Does your tour guide speak your language?

In order to fully enjoy the experience it’s crucial that your tour guide will be able to speak English, or your preferred language well enough to interact with you. In addition, he or she must also be able to interact in Hebrew with local people. Otherwise, you will miss out on all the advantages of a private tour guide, and will also very likely not enjoy your trip.

The Dead Sea

Follow these simple tips, and whomever you choose, we are sure you will enjoy your trip to the holly land.