Desert Tours in Israel

Desert Tours in Israel

Come visit the Land of the Desert – the picturesque and awe inspiring Israeli desert, with the help of a certified professional tour guide.

Allthough, over long years of nurture and hard work, Israel has become an oasis (in more ways than one), the desert in its Southern part serves as a constant reminder of where the Jewish people have come from. From the days of the Bible, the Jewish people’s lives were interwined with the spirit of the deserts, who also proved to be the setting for many of the most famous miracles (in both Judaism and Christianity). Through acquiring and advancing knowledge, and the development of world renowned technologies, the Israeli desert has been brought to life. In a similar manner, taking desert tours in Isael, with the help of a local knowledgable tour guide makes the entire trip come alive!

To the Desert
Let us tour the Judean Desert and to the Negev, explore its beautiful and picturesque surroundings. Feel the warm dry air, watch in awe the mountains and the birth place of some of the worlds greatest stories ever told. We will visit the historical site of Masada, and hear its amazing story. We will descend to the Dead Sea – the lowest inland point on earth. We will watch for some of the indigenous wild animals, which have been in the area for thousands of years.

Red mountains Eilat

But no one said we have to travel the desert by foot. For action enthusiasts, 4X4 guided jeep tours are also available. With trips of more than one day, you will be able to enjoy star watching at night, take in the scenery from the height of Mitzpe Ramon, and much much more. Or if jeeps do not suit your fancy, there are always camel rides, a traditional means of transportation going back to the times of the Bible, and still in occasional use.

Desert Tours with an Israeli Tour Guide
That visiting the desert can be an unforgettable experience is a mere truism. But, in order to enjoy and appreciate the full significance of the various places and sights, an Israeli tour guide is something you will not want to miss. Israeli guides, especially ones certified by the Israeli ministry of tourism, can create the perfect trip for you, according to your interests and desires. Whether if you’re young or old, religious or secular, well acquainted or not, an experienced traveler or not a tour guide can offer a custom made experience just for you, and make sure you will make the very best of your trip.

* All trips are subjected to change according to your own special needs and wishes!