New City Of Jerusalem

Tours in Jerusalem – New City of Jerusalem

Welcome to the City of Jerusalem!

With a history spanning more than two millennia, Jerusalem has remained a lively and vibrant city, important to all three of the world’s main monotheistc religions. The city’s numerous facets and layers and stories mean that Jerusalem tourism is ever active, ever changing, and always unforgettable. With so much to hear, see and experience, the best way to make the most out of your visit to the city, is to take a private tour in Jerusalem . Even one day in Jerusalem with a private tour guide can offer you an experience of the city like no other, bringing together both the old city of Jerusalem and the new city of Jeruslem, and revealing the wonderous stories its walls hold.


Activity Level: Easy

Duration: 8 Hours

pickup: Any hotel

Return: Any hotel

Come enjoy a tour of one day in Jerusalem the New city of of Jeruslem! We will visit Israel Museum to see the model of Jerusalem construted based of years of research to display how the city looked before it was destroyed by Romans. Then, we will visit the Goverment Center Area and Yad Vashem.

Israel Museum

Israel museum is among the leading museums in the world. you are going to see the model of Jerusalem (scale 1:50) opportunity to see how the city looked like just before it’s destruction by the Romans. Another highlight is the shrine of the book, to see and hear the story of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Knesset and the Government Center Area

Not far away is the “Knesset” the Israeli parliament, standing in front of the Knesset is the biggest “menorah” (7 arms Candelabrum) in Israel. Driving around the government center to see the supreme court, bank Of Israel, foreign office, calatvara bridge and other interesting structures that left their Mark on the city.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem is the world’s leading center for the commemoration, documentation, education and research of the Holocaust. The museum offers a very emotional and educational experience, and has been visited by many world leaders and other prominent figures. You’ll will have free time to explore this huge museum.