Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Israel

Let’s put it this way – everyone should visit Israel! Yes, you too. Granted, we say this because we live here, but we can prove it, too.

There are, literally, countless reasons why Israel is a world-class tourist destination, some of which tend to get lost in the endless presentations of the area in the media. Israel is a beautiful country, with fabulous weather almost all year long. It boasts one of the world’s longest documented histories, going back to the times of the Bible – of which it is the actual location, but on the other hand, it is also one of the most advanced countries, with all the comforts one might desire and a cultural scene like no other. If you still do not believe us when you finish reading this, you don’t have to take our word for it, you can come visit and find out for yourself.

Sea of Galilee

Places: Sea of Galilee and its surroundings

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Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Israel

As mentioned above, Israel is the actual location for many of the major events which are described in the Bible. Therefore, if religion is your area of interest, you are in for a treat, as you can visit Jerusalem, probably the holiest city in the world, considered holy by the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims all around the world. Tiberius and the Sea of Galilee are also filled to the brim with historical significance, including the sites for some of the most famous miracles Jesus is reported to have performed. Zafed, one of the three holiest cities in Judaism, with its beautiful houses and breathtaking view… Like we said, they don’t call Israel the Holy Land for nothing!

The Center of the Par-ty!

By now, it is a fairly established fact, that Israel offers a lively cultural scene, of which Tel Aviv is probably the capitol. Theatre, Cinema, night clubs, restaurants, bars and pubs, street markets, great beaches, awesome weather… it is hard to think of a better place to tour and celebrate in. This is probably why tourists from all over the world flock the city, making it a truly international metropolitan area, in which something fun is taking place 24/7.

Just When You Thought You Could Not Get Any Lower

Not into the night scene? Want to enjoy some good old R&R in peace – the Dead Sea is the ideal destination for you with plenty of luxurious hotels overlooking the Dead Sea and the magnificence of the Edom mountains. Unlike its name, the southern sea offers great many medicinal qualities, and the dry air and sun are known to help people with breathing problems and skin conditions. Interestingly the area of the Dead Sea is considered the lowest point on earth (-427 m below sea level). If that’s not enough the amount of salt in the Dead Sea allows people float effortlessly on its calm waters. Just don’t do it with open wounds… ouch!

Naturally – Nature

Israel is a wonder in the sense that one can go through pretty much any climate by traveling from its North to its South. Up North, the weather is brisk and clear, and characterized by lush vegetation and beautiful scenery. During the winter, it snows in the Northern Mountains, at which time the skiing resorts open. Far to the South await the Negev Desert and the Judean desert, with their beautiful almost alien, in which countless unique species of animals still roam

It’s Safer than You Think

If you only get your information from the news and the media, it is easy to think that Israel is an unsafe warzone. Then again, if you go by news and media, everywhere is very unsafe. And Israel is no different in that regard. Many people who visit the country report their amazement at how wrong the country’s depiction is in the media. Going back abroad they testify to what people who live here have known all along: In terms of statistics, one is much safer in Israel than anywhere in the Western world. Don’t believe us? Come and find out for yourself!