The Old City Of Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem One Day Trip

Welcome to the Old City of Jerusalem !

Travel to Jerusalem and join us for a tour of the city whose history streches back across the millennia. Because of the city’s significance to the three main monotheistic religions, it stands in the middle of countless fascinating events from the days of the bible to present day. Our tours in Jerusalem will lead you through the city’s story from tales of the bible to it’s vibrant urban culture with its nightlife, culinary, and art scenes.


Good for: Families, Groups, Seniors, Individuals

Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Come enjoy a one day trip in Jerusalem , starting with the breathtaking view from Mount of Olives, the most beautiful view point from Jerusalem, followed by a visit to the Gethsemane Church, the Old City, the Western Wall and the Via Dolorosa.

Mount of Olives

First stop mt. of olives the most beautiful view point from Jerusalem, overlooking the entire area.

Gethsemane Church

After some time for photos and an explanation we will visit Gethsemane Church, including the famous garden of Gethsemane with the oldest olive trees in the world .

The Old City of Jerusalem

After a short drive, we will leave the car and dedicate the rest of the day to a tour in the old city, including:

The Western Wall

The Western Wall is one of the most holiest places for Jews, the essence of Judaism. It is always full of people, coming to pray or put their greatest wishes in between the Wall’s stones. Twice a week it is especially packed, when hundreds of people come to perform the bar mitzvah ritual the Jewish coming of age ritual, signifying the age in which boys and girls become accountable for their choices and actions from a religious perspective.

The Via Dolorosa

The Via Dolorosa is the path along which Jesus carried the cross. We will follow the footsteps of Jesus along the stations of the cross, up to the holy sepulchre along the muslim quarter. We will also walk l along the “cardo”, visiting the Jewish Quarter leading up to Mount Zion. If time permits, we will also visit Dormition Church, King David’s Tomb and the Last Supper room.

* All trips are subjected to change according to your own special needs and wishes!